Presenters Clinic

Thu 15 Mar

08:30AM - 12:00PM



Agent for Change

Presentations have the power to engage hearts and minds, motivate change and harness an audience to adopt your ideas and take positive action. Becoming a skilled presenter has the power to reshape and expand your world. 

Have you ever noticed the most effective presenters have high energy and personal power? Every one of us has more capability and charisma than we realise. This session is designed for participants wanting to improve their ability to connect with their audience and deliver powerful presentations. It assumes you are familiar with the need to have excellent content structured into a clear message, tailored for your audience.

During this session participants will discover some of the secrets of masterful presenters, including using 'presenter state' to develop confidence whilst improving performance.

You will learn how to rise above the pack whilst still being comfortable and congruent with who you are.