Life Lessons in Self Leadership

Thu 24 May

09:00AM - 12:00PM




Do you want a successful career? Do you want to do work which makes an impact?

To achieve these things, you can’t be one of life’s passengers.

You will need to get into the driver’s seat: you need to understand the idea of Self-Leadership.

*If you’re up for this workshop, we will ask you to complete 2 pieces of pre-work beforehand – a 15 minute strengths profile (free) and 3 questions to ask your friends and colleagues about you. Bring these to the session, and you will be able to turn your self-awareness into real action.

Why go to this Event?

This brand new ngen workshop, Life Lessons in Self Leadership, will give you an insight into the 3 core skills of self-leadership, and help you identify 1-2 critical things you can start doing differently in 2018 to make more impact.

  • Self-awareness and a growth mindset. The workshop will help you understand and leverage your unique mix of strengths* to create maximum impact.
  • Achievement. The workshop will help you set specific goals and targets which will act as stepping stones to the career and the impact you want to have.
  • Self-regulation. The workshop will help you create daily habits that will help you work with others to reach your goals.

What should I bring?

  • BYO coffee & pen
  • A drive to learn and be your best!

Where to go?

Location Map

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