Unlocking the Gift of Feedback | WEBINAR

Wed 24 Jul

10:00AM - 12:00PM



The Graceful Collective

Are you ready to harness your full potential and embark on a journey toward personal and professional success? In today's fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, the ability to seek, receive, and leverage feedback has become more crucial than ever. Yet, many of us shy away from these conversations, fearing the impact on our careers or worst, our self-esteem and pride.

In this interactive session, Lucy will challenge the mindset you currently have around feedback and empower you to actively take charge of your career development by actively seeking and embracing feedback.
Together you will explore the transformative process of seeking and receiving feedback and Lucy will provide invaluable tips and techniques to help you fully embrace the power of this.
You'll learn how to be specific and intentional in your feedback requests, gracefully accept both praise and constructive criticism, and harness feedback as a catalyst for your professional growth and career aspirations.

Why go to this Event?

  • Change your mindset around feedback and take charge of your career by embracing the power of it 
  • Learn how to be specific and intentional when seeking feedback, and how to accept both positive and constructive feedback 

What should I bring?

Get ready to bring your A-game and dive into a growth mindset!

(A coffee, notebook, and a pen would be useful too)

Where to go?


This is a national webinar, the zoom link will be sent out the day prior to the event