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Thu 01 Jun

09:00AM - 11:00AM



Agent for Change

Welcome to management!   

Up to this point, you’ve primarily been responsible for you. Your output, your actions, your achievements. Damn, you're good. So good you've been promoted.

Now, there’s a team of people looking at you for direction.
And your results are dependent on their output, their actions, their achievements.
Transitioning from a team member to team leader can be challenging.

The skills that have got you to this point are very different to those required to excel as a manager. Hey, perhaps you’re great at planning, organising and bringing complex projects to life? You've gotta be a subject matter expert. And you’re brilliance has been recognised. You’ve got the title, and with that, their surely comes some power? Mmmmm. But do you have influence?

Your relationship with your people has the power to make or break both their performance and their spirit.
Are you clear on what motivates them?
Do you know why they’d show up in good times and bad?
You hold someone else’s career in your hand. That's big. Your relationship will have a direct correlation on your team’s performance. Let’s make it exceptional.


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