Idea Generation Masterclass | MELBOURNE F2F


Wed 15 Feb

09:00AM - 11:00AM



The Ideas Bodega

LinkedIn recently named Creativity as the most important skill for future success. The problem is that many of us don’t think we are very creative or don’t know how to think creatively on demand.

The great news is, creativity isn’t reserved for a special few and it definitely isn’t reserved for those in the creative department. In fact, we all have the capacity to unleash our inner creative genius.

In this session, Nicole Velik from The Ideas Bodega will ignite your creativity and give you the best creative thinking techniques from around the globe. Learn the techniques she has taught to LEGO, The United Nations, Nike, Google, Amazon, BBDO, Ogilvy and One Green Bean. 

 This course has helped participants to:

  • Gain a lot of confidence in their creative ability.
  • Win new business pitches.
  • Become great creative brainstorm facilitators.