Building Resilience Through Challenge & Change | Mentor conversations | WEBINAR


Tue 17 May

10:00AM - 12:00PM



Clarety Coaching and Consulting

Mental Brilliance: In this session, we will explore why it is so difficult for us as humans to deal with challenge and change, especially in our current fast-paced and always-connected world. And we'll show you how to combat this with ‘mental brilliance’ – which is simply the need to spend as much time focusing on cultivating a healthy mind and mindset as we do on our physical health. When we do this, we not only pro-actively manage our mental health, we also access higher levels of thinking that can lead to better problem solving, clarity of mind and the generation of new ideas.

In this session, Clare we will also share with you the latest research on what is happening to our mind and brain when we don’t train our brain to be healthy, and she will also share from first-hand experience, what happens when we leave our mental health unchecked. 

The session will round off with a series of practical exercises that can be taken home or back to the office, to cultivate your own personal mental brilliance.  

Learning Outcomes
• Learn about the concept of ‘mental brilliance’ to have your mind work for you rather than against you.
• Learn about the basic neuroscience of the brain and how it responds under stress.
• Learn how to identify when too much stress is impacting your mental health.
• Understand how to manage your stress so that it can improve your performance.
• Learn about neuroplasticity and how to overcome the negative bias in our minds.
• Learn what mindfulness is and how it cultivates a healthy mind.
• Learn about the power of self-compassion and how it can help us to promote a healthy mind.
• Learn 3 basic mindfulness and self-compassion practices that you can adopt easily into your everyday routine.
• Build your personal mental brilliance daily routine.