Time Management & Habits | SYDNEY F2F


Wed 20 Jul

09:00AM - 11:00AM



Resonate Communications Coaching


We all get distracted - our phone, emails, social media…the fridge. Every time management book talks about unrealistic ideals that we know are good in theory, but will never work. So how do we really take control of our time so that we can work when we’re meant to be working and have the time off we need and deserve?

Find out the most recent research on what we do with our time, why we get so distracted and how to manage ourselves so we can feel proud rather than exhausted and overwhelmed.

The second part of this session will be dedicated to creating habits you can set and forget to make your life easier. Sounds promising? It is. And simple if you take it one sweet habit at a time…

Why go to this Event?

Clarify what you want to achieve and make it possible!
• Plan your week AND execute it in a way that suits you
• Make decisions and be intentional about how you approach different tasks
• Create a mindset that identifies bad habits and transforms them into helpful ones
• Create a fail-proof process to make sure habits stick, even when it all seems too hard
Then you can become the person you want to be rather than what you wish you were.

What should I bring?

Coffee, a notebook, and a pen!


Where to go?

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