Being Well


Wed 19 Sep

08:30AM - 12:00PM



Resonate Communications Coaching

You’re under the pump and overwhelmed at work. You’re always ‘on’, no escape from clients, work emails, messages. You’re chasing constant deadlines and targets. You have a never-ending to do list. You’ve got information overload at a pace that keeps increasing.

How do you cope? How do you counter balance feeling exhausted, never ending hours and stress while still working hard to progress on your career path? With coffee? Sugar? Alcohol? Shopping? More screen time? More work?

Arabella will work to help you to master your zen in a manic world. Her goal is to help you achieve more by doing less. 


  • Be Zen competent to keep you top of your game
  • Get back in control of your day
  • Get Brain Fit for Life
  • Become ruthless with your Zen for proactive results
  • Learn ‘impact thinking’, to do less and achieve more
  • Mastery in Zen Response, to get things off your plate and energise your life