NLP Influential Conversations


Wed 15 Aug

08:30AM - 12:00PM



Resonate Communications Coaching

Do you find sometimes you connect with people easily and sometimes you don’t? Do you feel intimidated by superiors and clients and find it difficult to negotiate with them? Do you wonder how you can connect with everybody regardless of who they are?

To succeed in the dynamic and demanding environment of media, it is important to develop effective communication skills. They help you to build and maintain lasting relationships and these relationships in turn underpin your career journey and establish you as a strong and clear leader moving forward.

This interactive and experiential workshop will enhance your natural ability to effectively communicate.

  • Master the skill of non-verbal language
  • Lead every conversation skilfully to create win-win scenarios
  • Easily transform objections into opportunities to strengthen relationships
  • Reduce resistance and gain cooperation - help people feel happy to help you
  • Give others what they need to get the results you want