Crucial Conversations | WEBINAR


Wed 08 Jun

10:00AM - 11:30AM



Resonate Communications Coaching

Do you get frustrated with people you work with? Maybe it’s your colleague who doesn’t seem to be pulling their weight, a client who never gets back to you or your boss who doesn’t seem to understand your impossible workload…

We all want to get along with everyone we work with…it’s easier that way. But sometimes challenges come up and they usually involve the people around you. Speaking up seems scary - what if they react badly, attack you or worse, disregard you all together?

Learn how to have those conversations so that you stay safe and get what you need all whilst maintaining and reinforcing your relationships.

Why go to this Event?

  • The confidence that will transform the way you approach your work, remove the unnecessary stress and new balance that’ll become your way of working.
  • Expertly manage difficult conversations by knowing the 4 ways conflict occurs
  • Reinforce your teamwork as you create an open feedback culture
  • Build trust with colleagues when you use the 3 ways to maintain safety in any situation

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