Cultivating Confidence | MELBOURNE F2F

Brilliant at the Basics 0-12 months

Wed 01 Jun

09:00AM - 11:00AM



KR & Co. Consulting

Mike Cannon-Brookes has talked about it. Demi Lovato has struggled with it. And at some stage, you’ve probably grappled with it.


The good news is that confidence is a skill that you can learn. And it's definitely something you can get better at. 

As the world of work become less predictable and careers become more uncertain, confidence is an important skill for successfully navigating these twists and turns, enjoying a fulfilling career and putting yourself in the path of opportunity.

Join Kate Richardson for this masterclass and learn how to up your confidence game. 

Why go to this Event?

  • Learn what confidence is and isn’t, and what gets in the way.
  • Take away a four-step technique to tackle those limiting inner beliefs.
  • Five practical hacks to start building your confidence – today.

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