Ignite Productivity | MELBOURNE F2F


Wed 22 Jun

09:00AM - 11:00AM



Agent for Change

Do you have so much to do that your lists have lists? Are you constantly putting out everyone’s fire, except your own?

We live in a world of constant distractions and interruptions. WFH might mean we can sleep a bit later, but we have even more choice and more to manage.

So how in the world do we stay laser beam focused on long-term goals AND deal with short-term requests?
This is the year to work smarter, not harder (can I hear an amen people?)

No matter your role, no matter how many people you report to, you have choices. Learn to make the right choices people!

Why go to this Event?

  • Learn to apply the productivity trifecta
  • Systems: Do more with less – practical planning skills for life
  • Focus: Prioritise tasks and renegotiate outcomes
  • Energy: create an energy surplus to power you through the day
  • Change the game with awesome productivity hacks

What should I bring?

In the week leading up to training:

  • Pay attention to your energy levels.
  • Write down the times of the day when you are most productive.
  • Notice what or who contributes to having high energy.
  • Pay attention to any tasks you may be putting off. Be curious about whats really stopping.
  • Also bring your drink of choice and a pen & notebook.

Where to go?

Location Map

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