NGEN Career Kick-off | WEBINAR


Tue 08 Feb

10:00AM - 11:15AM



KR & Co. Consulting

This year, the NGEN team are upping the ante to help you develop the skills you need to plan your career – not just now, but into the future.

In a 21st century career, working life is increasingly characterised by change which means you’re likely to have up to 17 jobs across five different careers.

The shift towards a more on-demand economy, technology led innovation and the blurring of marketing disciplines means that the career path in media looks less linear and more unpredictable.

But, a media career is also full of possibility!

The Career Kick Off is a must attend session that will show you the way to design a satisfying career, plan your goals for the year, explore new possibilities for your career and identify how NGEN can help you get there.

You’ll learn how a combination of the right mindset and the right map, are key to unlocking your version of a happy, successful career. You’ll leave the workshop with new ideas about how to navigate this less predictable path, realise your own potential, create the career you really want, and start taking action to make it happen.

And you’ll have the start of a plan for 2022.

Why go to this Event?

Learning outcomes (Career paths, mindset, confidence)

  • Learn why 21st century career design demands action over planning
  • Develop your MAP of ME (a guide to who you are and who you want to become at work)
  • Set your goals for 2022 and identify possibilities for your career
  • Cultivate your explorer’s mindset and start your action plan

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