Masterful Facilitation | SYDNEY F2F


Tue 31 Aug

08:30AM - 10:30AM



The Ideas Bodega

Facilitation is an art form and something we can learn. In this session, you will learn to facilitate workshops, brainstorms, and any meeting that requires participants to generate ideas and or think strategically. You will learn how to make your workshops engaging, fun, dynamic and highly effective.

You will be taught methods to confidently manage and lead brainstorms, knowing how to inspire and extract great ideas out of a group. As well as facilitation skills you will be armed with techniques to get your participants generating fresh, innovative, game-changing ideas for any business challenge.

Topics Covered:

  • What is successful facilitation
  • How to design a workshop or brainstorm
  • Facilitation skills – learn the art of effective facilitation
  • Tools and techniques to make workshops dynamic and effective

Why go to this Event?

  • Gain confidence in facilitating workshops and especially brainstorms with a group internally or with clients
  • Learn how to plan and design an effective and creative workshop
  • Learn a process, tools and techniques that will make sure workshops are dynamic

What should I bring?

  • Pen
  • Coffee

Where to go?

Location Map

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