Influential Conversations | WEBINAR


Wed 07 Jul

10:00AM - 11:30AM



Resonate Communications Coaching

Do you find sometimes you connect with people easily and sometimes you don’t? Do you feel intimidated by superiors and clients and find it difficult to negotiate with them? Do you wonder how you can connect with everybody regardless of who they are? 

To succeed in the dynamic and demanding environment of media, it’s important to develop effective communication skills. They help you to build and maintain lasting relationships. These relationships underpin your career journey and establish you as a strong and clear leader. But, becoming a brilliant communicator requires skills beyond simply expressing your thoughts and ideas. 

With her hands-on, energetic style, Arabella will help you develop the communication skills you need to propel your career. Find out what the other person needs and wantsmaster the art of non-verbal language; and find out how even the subtleties of pitch, tone and speed are instrumental in creating the right rhythm to make an impact on your audience. 

The NGEN team will be sending out the Webinar details via email one day prior to this session.

Why go to this Event?

  • This interactive and experiential workshop will enhance your natural ability to effectively communicate.
  • You’ll learn how to leadevery conversation skilfully to create win-win scenarios.
  • Employ strategic listening to understand the speaker’s real needs and motivations.
  • Listen with your whole body to establish rapport and demonstrate attention.
  • Develop a step-by-step process to communicate from first interaction onwards.

What should I bring?

  • Pen
  • Coffee

Where to go?

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