Courage & How to Pitch Ideas | MELBOURNE

Brilliant at the Basics 0-2 years

Wed 17 Mar

08:30AM - 10:30AM



The Ideas Business

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Wade.

Imagine, you, on a desert island, the sun beating down. You feel the warmth on your skin and along comes...

Sorry I got carried away there - this session is about StorySelling - the way you can appeal to people's emotions to convince them to love your idea.


Courage is a crucial component of creativity that’s often overlooked.

Having the courage to pitch and sell an idea is something that is critical to creative success because rarely do ideas come to life without anyone else being involved.

Writers, producers and actors are constantly pitching movie ideas to Hollywood Studios to get them to give them money to make the ideas they have.

To do this they follow a set path of storyselling - or pitching - which we’ve adopted and called The Pitch Pyramid.

The Pitch Pyramid is a framework you can use to pitch or sell your idea to someone else. It helps give you the courage that it's got the best chance to succeed because we know it's a proven framework.

Why go to this Event?


  • Understand the role courage plays when pitching and selling ideas.
  • Understand why using emotion is critical to capture your audience’s imagination and persuade them to your point of view.
  • Learn and use techniques that present ideas in a compelling way.
  • Leave with a greater ability to effectively pitch solutions internally (within your business) and externally (to clients).

What should I bring?

  • Bring a pen
  • Coffee
  • Your eagerness to learn and grow!

Where to go?

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