Management. Beyond the Title | WEBINAR


Tue 02 Mar

10:00AM - 12:00PM



Agent for Change

Everything you wanted to know but no-one thought to tell you.

Up to this point, you’ve primarily been responsible for you. Your output, your actions.

Now, there’s a team of people looking to you for direction.

And your results are dependent on their output, their actions.

Transitioning from a team member to team leader can be challenging. The skills that have got you to this point are often different to those required to excel as a manager. 

Sarah has spent over 15 years leading high functioning teams and trained hundreds of managers. She has worked with HR teams responding to organisational engagement surveys and believes implicitly “your relationship with your team members has the power to make or break, both their performance and vitality”

 Resources from session

AfC SMART goal worksheet

Individual Manager Interview 2021 NGEN sampler

Individual Success Plan NGEN sampler

Skill Will Management Actions

Stakeholder Analysis by Agent for Change 2021