Problem Solving | WEBINAR


Tue 07 Jul

09:30AM - 11:05AM



Clarety Coaching and Consulting

All too often we are on auto-pilot or take short cuts and miss the opportunity to solve problems to add value. One of the most prized skills we can learn today to get ahead in our careers is the ability to fire up our critical-thinking and show we have what it takes to be solution focused. 

It goes without saying that problem solving is part of any job. All the great leaders know that problems can’t be avoided and that the secret lies in both how you look at them and, collaborate with others to resolve. 

In this interactive and practical session, you will be taught not just problem-solving techniques but also, the mindset to adopt to over-come “Problems” and get into ‘can do’ solution mode.  

By the end of this session you will be able to identify and resolve work problems quickly and effectively. You will learn when to lean into problems and adopt the specific steps to create solutions that add more value to those around you that matter the most.