Excel at Excel | SYD

Brilliant at the Basics 0-2 years

Tue 23 Jun

08:30AM - 10:30AM



Excel is a tremendously powerful tool for analysing any amounts of data and trends, yet many people are not aware of its deep capabilities. In this workshop, we’ll help NGEN members make their life easier by showing them tips and tricks in using the full capability of Excel.

We’ll take you through building basic reports and tables, relevant to media roles from start to finish, while showcasing further formulaic skills and features of Excel that can help speed up you work and make smarter marketing decisions. By the end of the session, you’ll have a fuller and more integrated view of Excel and it’s capabilities.


Why go to this Event?

  • Because you’ll learn how to build efficient report templates and dashboards for internal / external stakeholders.
  • Tips and tricks to make their life easier in Excel.
  • How to build visually appealing and powerful reports.

What should I bring?

  • Pen
  • Coffee

Where to go?

Location Map

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