Presenting in an Online World | WEBINAR


Thu 30 Apr

09:00AM - 10:30AM



The Ideas Bodega

Your palms get sweaty, you forget your lines, you stumble over your words – we all have looming fears when we’re about to present. But wouldn’t it be great if you loved presenting? Being an effective presenter is crucial in media today but so many of us dread it.

Nicole Velik from The Ideas Bodega has been a speaker, trainer and facilitator for over a decade. In this course she will help you become a kick-ass presenter. She will share her wisdom and knowledge from boardroom client pitches to keynote speaking on a global stage. Through a series of interactive activities and experiential learning, you will learn how to become an engaging and effective presenter.

Please note this content is currently being adapted to be more relevant to presenting in an online format.

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