How to Design a Successful 21st Century Career | BRIS


Thu 20 Feb

08:30AM - 11:30AM



KR & Co. Consulting

Speaker Kate Richardson has mentioned that the workbook activities on Career Visioning, Values and Strengths can be completed as post session activities. Anyone who wishes to reach out to Kate with further questions can contact her or alternatively in LinkedIn

Whoa, did someone kick the career ladder right out from under you? Welcome to the new world of work where ‘the ladder is now the lattice’, your future job may not yet exist and your current role might be hijacked by a robot. An on-demand economy, disruptive tech and a greater search for meaning suggest you’re likely to have up to 17 jobs across five different careers during your lifetime. 

So how do you design a career in a world that’s increasingly uncertain? A career in which the choices are great but so are the challenges? Learn how a combination of the right mindset and the right map, are key to unlocking your version of a happy, successful 21st century career. You’ll leave the workshop with new ideas about how to navigate this less predictable path, realise your own potential, create the career you really want, and start taking action to make it happen.