Connections | SYD


Tue 21 Apr

08:30AM - 11:30AM



The Ideas Business

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a new idea. Everything that has been created, has already been created. Everything we think is ‘new’ is just an iteration of what has already been made.

Steve Jobs said “creativity is just connecting things”. To practice creativity means taking ingredients that already exist and learning how to combine them in different ways.

So it means that solutions to most problems already exist – you just have to find out where they are, learn to connect them, and apply them to the problem you’re trying to solve. A communications challenge; a media problem; a campaign idea – all can be improved by using Connections.

How can you make connections? How do you recognise which connections work, and which don’t? How can you apply the skill of ‘connecting’ to solve real problems for clients? And how can learning about connections help unlock your creativity?

Why go to this Event?

  • See examples of where ‘connections’ have delivered the most creative ideas in marketing and communication.
  • Learn how to identify elements that make great connections.
  • Discover techniques that deliver breakthrough thinking.
  • Unlock your creative potential and learn how to arrive at lateral solutions your colleagues won’t.

What should I bring?

  • Pen
  • Coffee

Where to go?

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