Brand You

Brilliant at the Basics 0-2 years

Tue 26 Feb

08:30AM - 11:30AM



The Brand Guy

There’s nothing wrong with cruising through life… but… what if you could be better?

Each one of us has talents and abilities that extend far beyond our actual day-to-day performance. Instead of turning up to work and giving our inspired best, we often settle for mediocrity because it we’re afraid of standing out, afraid of being wrong, and afraid of being vulnerable.

Why go to this Event?

In this workshop Richard will:

• Take you out of your safety zone.
• Challenge what you have been taught, what you believe, and how you think about yourself.
• Invite you to stop ‘settling’ in life and at work.
• Ask you to stand up and stand out.
• Make you ponder, laugh and even maybe shed a tear
• Incite you to being as awesome AF in all things, at all times

What should I bring?

  • Bring a pen
  • Coffee
  • Your eagerness to learn and grow!

Where to go?

Location Map

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