Trends to think about today and action tomorrow | WEBINAR

Brilliant at the Basics 0-12 months

Wed 20 Oct

10:00AM - 11:30AM




Be it redefining consumer habits or inspiring breakthrough ideas and activations, trends play an important role in our industry, driving innovative thinking, impact, and effectiveness.

In this session learn how to think, judge and form your own opinion when it comes to identifying and understanding upcoming trends and the role they have to play long term and day to day. 

Please note that event times are in AEDT 

Why go to this Event?

  1. Discuss the power of forming your own opinion, and how to go about it. How can you best question upcoming trends, develop a perspective, and figure out for yourself how this might apply to your everyday?
  2. What are the long-term trends that have been bubbling along in society outside of the media world, and have they been elevated or dampened due to COVID?
  3. How are these trends now having an impact on our everyday jobs, and how disruptive will they be to the way that we consider media? Is it a flash in the pan, or are these trends here to stay.   

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