Digital Update | WEBINAR


Wed 04 Aug

10:00AM - 11:30AM




Machine learning, chatbots, conversational AI, connected experiences, digital privacy, the global rollout of 5G… nothing stands still in our increasingly digital world. 

Luckily, the NGEN Digital Update is here to help! Leading digital guns will give you the lowdown on what they know: the good, the bad and the new. From the latest trends, to new ways of looking at things, digital innovations or just something they are really passionate about – we’ll cover it all! 

Chris Jahnsen from iProspect will discuss the long and winding road of Organic Search; trends challenges and what lies beyond. A journey traversing the present and future worlds of all things SEO, and how they relate more broadly to the work we all do. Learn what this all means for agencies and clients in what is becoming an increasingly complex and competitive space as platforms and marketers continue to evolve.

Annie Hugo from Spotify will explore the power of digital audio with a key focus on podcasts. You can expect an overview of the podcast landscape, a deep dive on the recently launched Spotify Audience Network and some key insights for advertisers from Spotify’s 2021 Culture Next Report; an exploration on how Gen Z and millennials are shaping audio streaming and culture at large. You will also have a chance to explore your listening behaviour in real time using Spotify’s streaming intelligence. 

Be sure to stick around for a live Q&A with our experts. You don't want to miss the opportunity to pick their brains.

The NGEN team will be sending out the Webinar details via email one day prior to this session.