Digital Update | WEBINAR


Thu 11 Jun

10:00AM - 11:00AM



Network 10
Ikon Communications


Machine learning, chatbots, conversational AI, connected experiences, digital privacy, the global rollout of 5G… nothing stands still in our increasingly digital world. If you’re not keeping your finger on the pulse, you may find your career stalling and you can wave goodbye to that coveted promotion.

Luckily, the NGEN Digital Update is here to help! Leading digital guns will give you the lowdown on what they know: the good, the bad and the new. From the latest trends, to new ways of looking at things, digital innovations or just something they are really passionate about – we’ll cover it all! 

Anthony Rodrigues will be discussing Automation and the Future of TV

Chris Zoomerschoe will be exploring the demise of the DMP.

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